About us

Institute of e-commerce, regulation and informatics

Our Institute deals with researching, publishing, educating and consulting on all aspects of legal informatics, economics law and related areas throughout the region of southwestern Europe. Among other activities, we develop legal solutions for our clients and implement our knowledge of informatics to all areas of law. Specifically, our research and legal advice on natinal regulation is often vital for foreign companies to decide how to enter a certain market and how to assure that their operations would be correct and harmonized with our legislation. Lawyers and other specialists work at our projects. We also cooperate with other organizations and always try to integrate their knowledge and experiences into our working process, just to ensure the best results for our clients. This website briefly highlights various aspects of our many activities and provides only basic information about our activities. If you are interested in getting more, please feel free to contact us.


Boštjan Berčič PhD., LLB., BSc (Econ.), is the CEO of the Institute of e-commerce, regulation and informatics. He has university degrees both in law and in economics. He got his PhD at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana in the field of information-management. He has extensive professional experience in legal consulting. Other consultants of the  Institute of e-commerce, regulation and informatics have degrees in economics, law or informatics.